Homestead Exemption

The original homestead exemption was created many years ago and is covered by Article VII, Section 20 of the Louisiana Constitution. In 1980, voters, statewide, approved an increase in the homestead exemption to $75,000.

The Homestead Exemption allows that the first $7500 of assessed value of an owner occupied home will be exempt from property taxation. The homestead exemption is permanent as long as the homeowner continues to own and permanently reside at that property.

Only one homestead exemption can be granted per home that is owned and permanently occupied as a domicile by a resident in Louisiana. A Homestead Exemption cannot be applied to a property that an individual owns but does not live in day-to-day.

How to file for Homestead Exemption

To claim a Homestead Exemption, a person must appear in person at the Assessor’s Office and present the following:

  • A valid Louisiana Driver's License (address must correspond to property's address on application); AND
  • A current unpaid Entergy bill for the property, with service location and mailing address being the same, showing standard residential usage; OR
  • Land line telephone bill;   OR
  • Cable Bill   (Cox, Dish or Direct) OR
  • Cell phone bill

 NOTE:   This office does not accept the water bill as proof of residency